Utilize real-time ordering with useful metrics

Most ordering software is precise but complex, We make it simple and easy to use with metrics & insights that will help your business move forward.

Everything you need to run your online store.

Discover the reasons top-notch establishments opt for QQuicker to drive their online sales and their analytics capibilities.

Metrics such as cart values, retention rates, and conversion rates allow you to meet user expectations and preferences, ultimately leading to higher user satisfaction.

Loved by businesses NZ wide.

Our software is so different that people can’t help but fall in love with it.

    • QQuicker is so easy to use and it’s so much faster than my old software. I’m not sure how you guys did it but I’m not complaining.

      Sheryl Berge
      Owner at Lynch Coffee
    • It's good knowing what my customers are spending their money on. I can utilize this information to better serve them and make more money.

      Amy Hahn
      Owner at Caffeine Coffee
    • Customers find the ordering process alot easier than our last software. We've noticed customers talking about it when they come in store.

      Jason Kiehn
      Head Barista at Rosslyn
    • Being able to measure our customer retention rate is a game changer. We can now see how many customers are returning and how often.

      Sheryl Berge
      Owner at Grove Lane Deli
    • I've been using QQuicker for 3 months now and I'm loving it, my customers are too. I've noticed a 10% increase in sales since switching.

      Jimmy Wiltermuth
      Owner of Wilt Cafe
    • Ash got us setup in no time and was always available to answer any questions we had. We're very happy with the service we've received.

      Lee Fisher
      Owner at Origin Coffee Company

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, we can help you.


Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started with low transactions per month


  • 8% per transaction platform fee (can be oncharged to customer)
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction stripe fee (can be oncharged to customer)
  • Unlimited transactions per month
  • Online store commerce
  • Unlimited products & customers
  • In-depth analytics & insights
  • Email support


Perfect for all sized businesses. This plan is aimmed at businesses doing high transactions per month


  • 2% per transaction platform fee (can be oncharged to customer)
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction stripe fee (can be oncharged to customer)
  • 1,000 transactions per month (addon packs available)
  • Online store commerce
  • Unlimited products & customers
  • In-depth analytics & insights
  • Email & Phone support

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team @ support@qquicker.com

    • Can I cancel at anytime?

      There’s no minimum contract for QQuicker - cancel at anytime without penalty or hassle.

    • Do you offer 1:1 customer onboarding consultations?

      Yes! We love talking about onboarding and sharing the best practices we've learned over the years. Book a free consultation with our team!

    • How does QQuicker compare to other systems?

      QQuicker is locally and New Zealand owned so as we like to support and help our local business grow we hope you would do the same! We also are looking at innovative ways to improve our platform and change the cafe/coffee industry as tech is the future. What really sets us apart is the minimal investment required to get started.

    • What does it take to become a QQuicker partner?

      Setup for cafe owners is quick and hands-off. After providing your menu, company and bank information, our team creates your cafe’s digital storefront and trains you and your team. Or alternatively you can use our express setup which allows you to hit the ground running. We aim to have you up and running within 24 hours.

    • Can I use my own domain with QQuicker?

      Everyone who uses our software gets a ordering site (qquicker.app/yourcompanyname). Many customers choose to make QQuicker ordering site their sole web presence so we do have custom domains are on our roadmap, and are working on it for the near future.

    • Does QQuicker integrate with any third-party apps?

      Not yet! Although we are exploring the options of what POS systems we want to intergate. If you have any ideas that could add value to your business let us know!

    • How did QQuicker help during Covid?

      As we all know Aunty Jacinda is keeping us all safe but this comes at a cost, level 3-4 can be brutal on us small businesses so by providing contactless web/mobile ordering and curb-side pickup options, We provided cafe owners a safe solution to accommodate the needs of their customers.

    • Can we expect more reporting features?

      Of course! Our mission is primarily focused on utlising data to help you make better decisions. We are working on a few new reports that will be released in the near future.

    • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?

      You can easily reset you're password by clicking the "forgot password" button on the login page.